Graduation Requirements

        To receive a Diploma from Paññāsāstra International School, a student must successfully complete the following requirements:

     1. Completion of 36 units of Senior High School, in line with international baccalaureate.

    2. Completion of all other requirements prescribed by Paññāsāstra International School,      including admission and English proficiency tests.

     3. Liquidation of all financial obligations with Paññāsāstra International School.

Higher Education

     Paññāsāstra International School strives to provide excellent college preparatory programs. Parents are encouraged to assist their children in planning for higher education.

Study Class

- The teachers will inform the students on which type of books to purchase.

- The teachers will nurture the students in a supportive atmosphere and provide a steady source of encouragement and guidance.

- Students can gain self-confidence and experience success at various levels.

PSIS students are also prepared to take examination for the national baccalaureate as presided by MOEYS.

- Students in grades seven and up will be required to read, research and report on topics.

- Students engage in various environment programs such as Khmer language, history, geography, communication and interpersonal skills, music, athletic, which allow students opportunities for creative expressions, self-discipline, and confidence.

Homework Policy

     Paññāsāstra International School strongly believes homework is a great opportunity for parents to support and become that involved, as well as being a part of their child's educational success. Homework is assigned on a regular basis to help student become self-reliant, work independently, enforce memorization or as master concepts, reinforce class work, practice skills by way of repetition, and complete assigned projects. Paññāsāstra International School expects that all assigned works be returned the next school day, unless otherwise advised by the teacher(s).


- Our teachers are well trained, certified and up to the challenge.

- Our educators bring to the campus an outstanding depth of credentials.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

     Parents are always welcomed to contact the school at any time. Our teachers will be glad to arrange a conference with you at a mutually convenient time. Students will not attend school on this day, thus providing the opportunity for parents to discuss their child's academic progress, work habits, and behaviors. A telephone call to the child's counselor or teacher can set up such a meeting.


    The school counselor is available to assist student in resolving any academic and/or personal problems that might arise. Paññāsāstra International School also offers the opportunity for students to meet in groups to discuss challenging, good decision making, and social skills.

Promotion and Retention

     Paññāsāstra International School adheres to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports' specific guidelines concerning promotion and retention. Those guidelines address achievement levels in language arts and mathematic classes. The school will make every attempt to consult and work with parents to help solve student's academic concerns throughout the school year. Specific achievement levels must be achieved in reading and mathematics as measured on standardized teaching.


- While our main focus is on academics, students can participate in these exciting programs (science fair and spelling bees), extra-curricular activities and community service projects to cultivate leadership abilities, teamwork qualities, and commitment.

- Students can enjoy enrichment courses and programs such as computer labs, library, independent learning center, character and civic education, Khmer studies, music, dance, soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and other sports in physical education classes